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About Alexandre 

Strategic & Executive Advisor I Writer I Speaker 

Since beginning my journey as a Strategic & Executive Advisor in 2015, I have committed myself not only to empower CEOs and senior leaders but also to guide mid-size companies toward embracing principles of profitable growth, establishing a strong brand identity, and leading their markets through positive impact strategies. As a B Corp Leader, my dedication to fostering sustainable and impactful business practices deepens, guiding my clients—be they individuals or organizations—to make decisions that nurture a culture beneficial for all and generate significant, positive effects on our vast array of stakeholders.


Among the many amazing leaders I've had the chance to meet and work with, Babette Keller Liechti’s insight stands out. Calling me a "Leadership psychologist," she highlighted my ability to facilitate deep realizations and unlock potential, aiming to cultivate environments where impactful leadership and profitable, sustainable growth flourish together. This approach naturally implies managing with purpose, heart, empathy, and respect, reflecting my dedication to supporting leadership that not only achieves but inspires. I was quite moved by this comment, and it validated the path I am on.


To take a step back, my adult journey began with a university education in California. I immediately entered the luxury sector in 1999, eventually assuming C-Level positions at prestigious watch and jewelry brands, such as the iconic Breguet under the Swatch Group, mentored by Mr. Hayek Senior. These roles provided me with invaluable insights into business development, premiumization, branding, quality, customer experience, and the critical importance of excellence, authenticity, innovation, and the broader impact of our actions.


This 17-year journey in the luxury industry led to extensive international travel, which broadened my perspective on diverse cultures and the universal principles of effective leadership and organizational culture. My conclusion on the backbone of a desirable company? Purpose, values, vision. This realization strengthened my determination to drive positive change within organizations and fueled my life's mission to significantly influence both individuals and companies, guiding them to become impactful leaders in their respective fields.


However, let's be clear: I am not merely chasing ideals, nor do I view the world solely through the eyes of ecologists. My approach is firmly grounded in the reality of business, where profitability is essential, and sustainability is not seen as mutually exclusive but rather integral to meaningful success. It's about leveraging business as a force for good, recognizing that profit enables us to invest in making a positive impact. Through my advisory work, I aim to guide companies through the complexities of modern business, integrating impactful practices into their core strategies. In today's world, adopting a stance of positive impact is not just beneficial; it's essential. The question for companies has shifted from "if" to "how."


As I prepare to share these insights in my forthcoming book on "Impact Leaders," my aim is to inspire both leaders and organizations to pursue their roles with authenticity, purpose, and strategic clarity. This philosophy is not just about achieving personal or immediate organizational success but about fostering a legacy of excellence, impactful leadership, and positive resonance throughout the many stakeholders.


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Previously C-level Executive Luxury Brands


Advised and coached 200+ leaders since 2015


Award Winning Business Coach since 2015

Certified Focal Point Business Coaching 

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Entrepreneur and Advisor since 2009


B-Corp: Trained B leader 


Business Author (in progress) 



Rue de Lausanne 35 A

1110 Morges 

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