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Strategic Executive Mentoring

Strategic & Executive Mentoring and coaching

 For Management Board Members & Executives

Questions You Might Be Asking About Your Leaders ?


Is our leadership team effectively driving positive change and serving as a source of inspiration within our organization?


Do our leaders truly embody our company's values and mission in their actions and decisions?


Are all members of our management board A-players, fully aligned with our strategic goals?


How can we enhance our leaders' skills to better manage performance and achieve KPIs?


How can our leaders achieve their objectives while positively engaging all stakeholders and impacting operations?

Leading with Positive Impact and Excellence

Our program is tailored for visionary leaders committed to leading with positive impact and excellence. Our approach goes beyond merely achieving goals—it's about excelling in the best way possible for all stakeholders within a culture steeped in strong values, purpose, and self-achievement. We empower you to not only meet but also to exceed organizational goals and KPIs, leading with strategic clarity and fostering a culture of impact, vision and innovation.


Our coaching is distinctively designed to actively engage with you in real business challenges. As your strategic partner, we offer more than guidance; we collaborate with you to make informed, strategic decisions. This partnership is about evolving you into the best version of yourself, mastering the balance between high performance and personal integrity. It’s about transforming you into a leader who drives performance with purpose and balance, ensuring success for both you and your organization.

A company is a reflection of its management board.

Who We Serve:

Forward-Thinking Executives

Our Strategic Executive Coaching program caters to leaders who combine forward-thinking and innovation with proactive decision-making. Ideal for those who lead with vision and purpose, this program is tailored for executives and leaders who aim to go beyond traditional expectations. It's perfect for decision-makers committed to driving organizational growth, exceeding goals, and making a positive impact while maintaining ethical standards and balance.

Rising Talents and Senior Leaders

Our coaching is key for organizations looking to boost their executives' and rising talents' abilities. Designed for professionals poised for growth, our program aligns them with strategic goals and values, nurturing leaders who exceed expectations. We focus on developing leaders for purposeful impact and sustainable growth, balancing professional duties with ethical leadership. Ideal for those advancing into larger roles, it equips them with skills for effective leadership and making a significant, positive impact in their organizations.*


Sustainable Growth. Impactful Culture. Resilience.

Strategic Excellence & Clarity

Balanced High Performance

Proactive Leadership Skills

Impactful Leadership Style

Culture of Excellence & Innovation

Alignment with Core Values and Vision

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Legacy of Positive Impact

Strategic Coaching Methodology

Our Holistic Strategic Coaching Methodology 


Initial Assessment and Clarity

We start with a comprehensive assessment to understand your current issues, challenges, and objectives, including personal balance, satisfaction, and fulfillment. This phase is about gaining clarity on where you are and where you want to be, setting the foundation for our journey.


Ongoing Sparring Partner Sessions

As your strategic partner, we engage in regular sessions where we tackle real business cases, including managing issues and challenges, while also addressing your personal balance and well-being. These discussions are designed to refine your decision-making skills, offering new perspectives and solutions to your obstacles.


Strategic Roadmapping

Together, we develop a strategic roadmap tailored to your specific goals, encompassing not only professional success but also personal satisfaction, purpose, and health. This plan outlines the steps needed to reach your targets, considering both the short-term actions and long-term vision.


Building High-Performance Teams

We work on strategies to build and lead high-performance teams, ensuring that you can maintain personal balance and health while achieving professional success. This includes developing team members who consistently meet their goals and fostering a culture of excellence.


Anticipating and Addressing Challenges

Proactive leadership is crucial, not only for professional success but also for personal satisfaction and fulfillment. We focus on helping you anticipate challenges, navigate complexities, and make informed decisions that preemptively address potential obstacles while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Staying on Track

Accountability is key, not just for achieving business goals but also for maintaining personal health and well-being. We ensure you stay on track with your goals through consistent check-ins and progress evaluations, considering both professional and personal aspects.


Implementing and Adapting

Put your strategic plan into action while ensuring it aligns with your personal values, balance, and fulfillment. We support you in implementing your roadmap, providing guidance and feedback on how to maintain health and well-being while achieving your objectives.


Measuring Impact and Growth

We evaluate the tangible and intangible impacts of our coaching on both your personal development and organizational growth. This step is about understanding the ROI of our efforts and celebrating your successes, including improved personal satisfaction, purpose, and health.

Strategic Coaching



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Strategic Coaching Alexandre Olive
Strategic Coaching Alexandre Olive

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